Ordine Costantiniano Charity Onlus - Donazione Ospedali Siciliani

Donation: € 52,000

Date: 09-04-2020

Beneficiaries: Civic Hospital of Partinico (21.000 Euros), Cannizzaro Hospital of Catania (21.000 Euros), Santa Marta and Santa Venera Hospital of Acireale (10.000 Euros)
Reason: Covid-19 emergency
Goal: A fund for human resources expansion and purchase of 5 transportable pulmonary ventilators (*)
(*) The donations of 5 pulmonary respirators in favour of the hospital Cannizzaro in Catania and the hospital Civico in Partinico were carried out through the donation of € 21,000 to the Cannizzaro hospital for the purchase of personal protection devices and a videocapillaroscope of a value of € 21,000 for the hospital Civico in Partinico hospital, in agreement with the health departments of the two structures.


Covid-19: Donations by the Constantinian Order Charity to Support Three Sicilian Hospitals

April 9th, 2020

The charitable non-profit of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George was begun with the goal of public assistance and social solidarity, particularly through charitable works and hospital aid. It decided to assist three important hospitals in Sicily. “Thanks to the donations made to the campaign on, we decided to help hospitals in the most critical areas of the country to fight this health emergency, and chose to assist by distributing five (5) portable ventilators and providing 52,000 euros to support three different hospitals on the frontline of this health emergency” explained H.R.H. Prince Charles of Bourbon Two Sicilies. He explained that “the Civic Hospital of Partinico, an institution rededicated entirely to the Covid-19 emergency covers a vast area of territory near Palermo, Cannizzaro Hospital in Catania is located in the Island’s province with the highest number of cases, and Acireale’s Saints Marta and Venera Hospital special rehabilitative odontology department needed new human resources in order to continue providing assistance to people with disabilities.”

“Our commitment continues with determination, because there are numerous requests for assistance to which we can respond only by gathering more resources,” explained Prince Charles of Bourbon Two Sicilies, who added: “I hope that our contribution can help in leaving an overall improvement in the functioning of the hospitals with respect to the needs of the people. The goal is to be able to intervene again in the future, to support the needs of healthcare workers.”

“We are grateful for the generous donation which represents a tangible sign of the great attention shown to a hospital involved on the frontline of the fight against the Corona Virus,” stated Dr. Daniela Faraoni, general director of the Provincial Health Authority of Palermo. “I thank the Constantinian Order Charity non-profit for their sensitivity and spirit of sharing shown during a time in which collaboration, unity and the greatest attention are the instruments with which the entire community possesses to defeat an invisible and devious enemy. The donation will serve to further enrich the technological equipment of Partinico’s Covid hospital, providing further, more-qualified instruments in the diagnosis and care of positive cases.”

Echoing her, Dr. Giuseppe Di Bella, administrative director of Acireale’s Hospital (under the Provincial Health Authority of Catania) said “I hold that gratitude is a significant feeling, part of human dignity which naturally joins itself to an act of generosity. Because of this, I am happy to give proper recognition to the donation made by the Constantinian Order Charity non-profit toward the work of the special rehabilitative odontology department directed by Dr. Francesco Spampinato, a confirmation of your institute’s attention to the most fragile components of society. At this time, which sees our national healthcare system deployed in protecting the community, every gesture of esteem and trust cannot but strengthen the sacrifice of our healthcare workers.”

Dr. Salvatore Giuffrida, general director of Catania’s Cannizzaro Hospital explained: “Cannizzaro Hospital in Catania has been on the frontline of this epidemic emergency since the beginning. It has dedicated the entire infectious disease department to those sick with Covid-19, outfitting it for isolation. A special section was created through the modification of the internal medicine and oncology operating units, and seven stations for negative pressure in intensive care. Another area is being set up within the operative group, to house critical patients who after having been extubated, still need intensive care before being transferred to a regular unit. There have been fifty patients at Cannizzaro Hospital because of Corona Virus so far. There have been over twenty discharges of cured people, who have either gone home or to a location established by the Provincial Health Authority of Catania, accommodating those who have to observe an isolation period.”

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